The BioEraser System

Designed to address the challenges posed by biofilm and bacteria in any water system, the BioEraser system is a chemical-free water treatment solution that utilizes electromagnetism and a discharging catalyst to deliver effective results in any water-based system and reduces the formation of biofilm and bacteria in water. 


Reduce biofilm and bacteria growth

Biofilm is a common problem in water systems and provides a place for bacteria to grow. The BioEraser system targets and disrupts biofilm, preventing its formation and lowering the risk of bacterial growth in any water system.

Using electromagnetism and static discharging, BioEraser creates an unfriendly environment for biofilm and bacteria, reducing bacterial adhesion.

The system provides lasting results by preventing the formation of biofilm.

Focus on Health Sector

With a specialized focus on the Health Sector in Denmark, the BioEraser has proven to be an important tool for reducing biofilm, and bacteria and mitigating limescale buildup across hospital facilities .The implementation Of BioEraser aligns seamlessly with their sustainable vision, ensuring a cleaner and more efficient water treatment system.

The implementation of BioEraser has not only elevated the quality of water within these healthcare facilities but has also resulted in a noticeable decrease in expenses related to water system maintenance and service. 

Michael Madsen, Technical Operations Manager at Hornbæk Hospital, praised the system for its ability to create a better work environment and, most importantly, its role in safeguarding the well-being of patients, visitors, and employees. 

Effective Limescale Reduction

Limescale creates significant issues in water systems, causing blockages, decreasing water heater efficiency, and lowering water quality. These problems lead to more maintenance and repair costs.

Our system transforms calcite, the main limescale component, into a less adhesive form called aragonite. This prevents limescale buildup and cleans existing deposits, making the system more efficient.

Using the BioEraser system has several benefits. It notably enhances water quality for a healthier supply. Cleaning efforts are simplified as limescale does not adhere to surfaces, reducing the need for frequent cleaning and descaling.

This saves costs and extends the lifespan of pipes, water heaters, and fittings.

Unlike traditional methods using water softeners, BioEraser preserves essential minerals like calcium, maintaining the natural taste of water while providing these benefits. 

Customer Case: Hornbæk Hospital

Rigshospitalet Center for Spinal Cord Injuries improved water quality and decreased bacterial count with the BioEraser system. The system also provided savings on cleaning and maintenance and reduced chemical use in wastewater.

Technical Operations Manager, Michael Madsen, praised the system for its ability to create a better work environment and protect patients.”


How does it work?

BioEraser uses static discharge to disrupt biofilm formation in waterpipes, pumps, and other components, reducing the risk of bacterial growth within the system.

The electromagnetism transforms calcite, the primary limescale component, into less adhesive aragonite and prevents limescale accumulation in the water system and clears loose deposits, ensuring a cleaner and more efficient waterway.

BioEraser alters the environmental conditions that favor biofilm formation by creating an environment less conducive to microbial adherence

The BioEraser system has wide-ranging applications in various sectors, including healthcare, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems and various industrial settings. The system’s effectiveness is maintained for a long period, making it a practical and cost-effective solution.

Laboratory test
With incredible results

Eurofins Denmark conducted a test of the PowerPack STATICON Eraser system at Rigshopitalets clinic for a spinal injury and found the system to be highly effective against Legionella, Aerobic plate count, and lime in the water. 

A large number of germs in patient room 8 indicates that the water is contaminated with bacteria, some of which are known to be pathogenic. The hard decline in the bacterial count (Kimtal) testifies to an extreme improvement in water quality, as well as a very large reduction of potentially disease-causing microorganisms in the water.

In-Patient Room 8, a decrease in values in Legionella and ORP was also found and the same applies to the values found in the hot water tank (Varmtvandsbeholder).


"We have the multiple STATICONs Installed in our amusement park. They work really great and are the best and most cost effective initiative we have taken to reduce our energy usage within the amusement park."
Bent Knudsen
Danish amusement park, Technical Manager
"In Waterfront, we have used STATICONs for for a year and are very happy with the results. We had bad odor in the parking basement, where the two grease traps is located. But now the odor problems are gone."
Claus Christoffersen
Operations Manager, DATEA
"After installing STATICONs in the ventilation system we can see that the temperature is more evenly dispersed in the mall, the system consumes less electricity and we can detect a reduction of CO₂ indoor."
Per Gram
Lyngby Mall, DEAS