Non-Chemical Treatment

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Water and Grease Treatment

From our Danish headquarters, we offer innovative solutions for water and grease treatment, reducing environmental impacts globally in industries like HORECA, HVAC, and healthcare.


Read more about the BIO-Certificate and the remarkable companies dedicated to enhancing their environmental efforts, which have led to their recognition with the BIO-Certificate from BIOSTATIQ.

The Power Pack STATICON, with a 15-year track record, has consistently achieved remarkable outcomes across HORECA, healthcare, and HVAC sectors, demonstrating its efficiency and reliability.

The BioEraser system is a chemical-free solution for water treatment that helps reduce or eliminate the need for chemical additives such as chlorine to control bacteria and water-softening systems to address limescale issues. It effectively minimizes the buildup of limescale within the water system and prevents the formation of biofilm and bacterial growth, resulting in improved water quality and reduced maintenance.

BIOSTATIQ Catalog 2023

The BIOSTATIQ Catalog 2023 is now available for viewing and contains information about our solutions, customer case studies, and other valuable insights. We encourage those interested in learning more about our offerings to review the catalog and get in touch with any questions or requests for further information.