14 - 10 - 2023

Discover the Transformation: STATICON Grease in Dubai

The Grease Management Challenge in Dubai

In a city where world-class dining establishments and high-capacity industrial kitchens serve thousands of meals daily, effective grease management is a must. Grease accumulation poses not only environmental but also safety and operational challenges. Traditional methods require frequent maintenance, resulting in labor-intensive cleaning, increased costs, and even fire risks. BIOSTATIQ and FutureTech recognized the need for a game-changing solution.

Introducing the PowerPack Staticon Grease System

The PowerPack Staticon Grease system is not just a technological innovation; it’s a game-changer for kitchens worldwide. When installed on the extractor hood, it significantly reduces grease accumulation, addressing the key issues faced by Dubai’s industrial kitchens.

The Remarkable Results

In Dubai, the first PowerPack Staticon Grease units are now operational, showcasing their remarkable results. This innovative system has reduced grease accumulation by up to an astounding 80%. This reduction translates into a substantial decrease in cleaning efforts, cost savings, and, most importantly, a significant drop in fire risks. It’s not just about efficient grease management; it’s about enhancing safety and sustainability in Dubai’s culinary scene.

Witness the remarkable results of the PowerPack Staticon Grease system in action in the video below.